Licenses and how they impact a project or product

It's a text about impacto from companies change license

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Testing with Flask send cookie with value correctly

It's an example how to test if Flask server set cookie in the HTTP response.

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DevOps Anti-Patterns

DevOps Anti-Patterns

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Identifying Web Performance bottlenecks

Tips how to identify bottlenecks of web sites

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Ian Murdock Legacy

Short text about Ian Murdock legacy

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Choosing a software name

tiny dialog how to choose a software name

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Building Debian images by jigdo

A friend asked me how to got a Debian Old Image, she wanted to download Debian Squeeze DVD image. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to download by Debian-CD mirror because Squeeze isn’t more maintainer. So, it’s possible to get a Image by Debian-CD primary server but it’s locate in Sweden. Nothing problem, right? Well, She lives in Brazil and the download time is a little bit more than 8 hours. A good tool to “download” a Debian image is the Jigdo. Read On →

Purge Debian packages marked with rc status

Sometimes when I find a package that is installed on my computer (Debian), I found status rc but I never found a explanation in official documentation. For now, my OS has the following packages marked rc status: fike@klatoon:~$ dpkg -l | grep ^[rc] rc libaacplus2:i386 2.0.2-dmo1 i386 AAC+ encoding library - runtime files rc libavcodec55:i386 10:2.3.3-dmo3 i386 Library to encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files rc libavresample1:i386 10:2.3.3-dmo3 i386 FFmpeg audio conversion library rc libavutil52:i386 10:2. Read On →

Using httpie instead curl

I love curl. It’s awesome to test many services like HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, IMAP, etc. But, curl sometimes is hard to use for my customers. So, I have recommended that they use the httpie. In my main job, I use curl/httpie to see HTTP headers and cache problems. Then, when I need to display evidence for my customers, I prefer to use httpie. A simple example using only HTTP headers. fike@klatoon:~/d$ curl -I https://fernandoike. Read On →

Using vagrant with bridge network

I needed to use vagrant with bridge network in a project and the official documentation isn’t clear about it. Well, it’s simple, you should change the “Vagrantfile” in ”config.vm.network” parameter. E.g. using bridge on wlan0. config.vm.network :public_network, :bridge => 'wlan0'