Wordpress to octopress performance comparisions

Continuing to comment a little bit more about the blog change. Previously it was Wordpress and now it’s Octopress. I’ll show you data based little test.

To make the test, I used Webpagetest that is avaliable in many cities around the world to test performance from user perspective. It’s very interesting to test it in many countries, but for this test I used only its Brazilian instance that is in Sao Paulo.


My old blog (wordpress) was hosted in Dallas and its major audience is in Brazil, it isn’t bad. In the test, its time is 6 seconds and 37 requests. Considering that I haven’t done any performance tuning (linux kernel, apache, etc.).

Only one of the test tasks was worse: FBT (First Byte Time). Probably, the numbers would be better if I changed Apache, PHP or MySQL. Bellow, see more data about this test.


To migrate to Octopress, my blog lost a little bit of functionalities but nothing essencial. The main functionalities as text posts were preserved.

Octopress is Jekyll based, and it is a powerful framework that generates static pages. To write a post, it’s very simple. You write using Markdown syntax. It is fantastic because the web server doesn’t need to process some languages (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.). Take a look below and you’ll see that my blog has improved.

If I keep my enthusiasm, I will make more comparisions. My partial conclusion about Octopress and Jekyll: They are fantastic tools to post on blogs. Following there is a comparative summary table.

blog requests time
wordpress 37 6,437s
octpress 32 4,371s
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