Choosing a software name

We’re a meeting discuss how to run a tiny project. The project was a proof a concept about a new possible service and we had been think to buy a new software tool until the dialog below comes.


Joe: We need to prove if this idea is possible to prove is turn a good service.

Zee: Sure! I can develop a script to test it.

Joe: Then, we have to give a name to this software.

Zee: Why? It’s just a script.

Joe: C’mon, the awesome services began as a prove of the idea.

Zee: Ok, let’s we think about it.

Zee: I had a script a long time ago that I called homer.

Joe: Homer? Why?

Zee: It was lazy, unfixable and unstoppable.

Joe: Wow! Homer Hammer! Homer Hammer!

Zee: Homer Hammer?

Joe: For sure! It’s same idea but with more power devastation.

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