Ian Murdock Legacy

Buzz I really want to know what did happen but at the moment I prefer to remember how Ian Murdock influenced me.

Inspiration Debian is a really cool name. Whenever I do a presentation about Debian, I always explain how the name came about (Debra + Ian).

Abnegation Ian Murdock could be a commercial linux distribution but he didn’t do. It’s impressive because the common sense was to create Linux distribution by a person or a very closely group. Debian was the first Linux distro to use open development; anyone could contribute to Debian. If he had founded a commercial distro, it probably would have been something like Red Hat.

Ambitious In the first The Debian Manifesto, he wrote “It is also an attempt to create a non-commercial distribution that will be able to effectively compete in the commercial market.”. Even now, to create a non-profit project to compete in the commercial market it’s a huge challenge and he did.

Kept moving forward He could have just stayed as the Debian leader, but he worked in the other projects and companies as well. At least for me, it’s really cool to always embrace new challenges and increase our knowledge.

To Beyond and infinity

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