Wordpress to octopress performance comparisions

Continuing to comment a little bit more about the blog change. Previously it was Wordpress and now it’s Octopress. I’ll show you data based little test. To make the test, I used Webpagetest that is avaliable in many cities around the world to test performance from user perspective. It’s very interesting to test it in many countries, but for this test I used only its Brazilian instance that is in Sao Paulo. Read On →

Rsync resume transfering

My memory has some bugs and I often forget command syntax and other things. ;) Frequently, I have synchronized VMs images in some datacenters. The internet in Brazil is “lazy” when compared to some other countries, mainly to upload traffic. The max upload transfer in my house is 120kbits and VM image is more or less 4Gb, then you imagine how long it is necessary to complete an upload! I would bet it takes a little more than 11 hours to complete. Read On →

How to recover freenode password

I forgot my Freenode password. Ok, I didn’t use it in a long time. Freenode is a nerd old school chat, it was (still is) text-based. It was/is a good place for Free Software/OpenSource projects: PostgreSQL and Ubuntu are there, Debian has been there for many years. To recover the password its is recommended to check Freenode FAQ. If you need a quicker way it is very simple. You will write to Freenode Staff in #freenode channel with the request to reset your password. Read On →

How to recover oftc Debian irc password

Ok, it’s terrible! I also didn’t remember my OFTC IRC password. OFTC works the same way as Freenode, but it currently hosts Debian IRC channels. Well, I needed to recover my password, so what did I have to do? The procedure is a little different from Freenode, only when sending private messages to nickserv and it will send a temporary password: <em><strong>/msg nickserv help</strong></em> P.S.: Thanks OFTC Staff for the tip. Read On →